new paintings

I started a few new pieces late in November. I worked on the surfaces almost every morning in the Winter as that is my most creative time of the year. Painting is a means of balance and each of my pursuits — creative or not start with the relationship with oil on canvas. 

Objects from my photography of Norway and Sweden made their way into the surfaces and I allowed myself to work with new colors and forms such as violet flowers, lupines and birches. This past season I explored the potentiial of purple while demonstrating a dedication to color and surface quality. 

These new works were intended to be released to the public over a month ago. Certainly I had other plans by now, however getting sick with COVID-19 in March prevented many things from happening. There were days (and weeks) I could not work from shortness of breath, fever and/or pure exhaustion. Days I was not symptomatic I got back to work, so these were completed as the birds returned to the North (as you hear in the video). Surfaces are still wet as I write this. And as I write this, I am still testing positive and need to quarantine for another week, as the doctor says. Hopefully the 4th test will be the good news I’ve been waiting for. 

The next half of this portfolio series will be revealed this fall. Patreon supporters will of course be in the know first.  What sells and what doesn’t helps allow Patreon supporters will also have access to the sketchbook of this series as time allows. 

Request digital portfolio and catalog here

Please like, share and comment on this link where possible: 

The Spring 2019 works still available will be on auction to raise funds for time lost while in quarantine. A price list of these works is available by request.

The acrylic on canvas pieces and a few works fro the sketchbook are already available at 

Thank you for tuning in. 

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